What is a Title Loan Refinance?

If you have an auto title loan with someone other than Advantage Finance, LLC, then you should read this blog. We’re going to explain how you could complete a title loan refinance through Advantage Finance and give you a loan with much better terms than those you now have.

We help customers who are locked into short-term auto title loans, some as short as thirty days. We will work with you to provide you a loan with payments that include both principle and interest. These are not interest-only loans. Using our single transaction process, we arrange a new loan for the remaining balance of the old loan, but with an extended repayment schedule and better terms. We help our customers lower and smooth out their repayments. Look at the information below and consider whether a title loan refinances might be for you.

Title loan refinance is a process where we complete a single transaction which pays off your existing loan and at the same time gives you a new loan for the remaining balance. This new loan has better terms than the old loan, is not interest only, and schedules repayment out over a more extended period. For example, you may have an auto title loan payable in 30 days. We can complete a title loan refinance getting you a loan with terms of up to an even more than 150 days. Many times we can offer a lower interest rate as well. These improved terms greatly assist you in balancing your finances and paying off your loan.

When you complete either a title loan refinance with Advantage Finance or a new auto title loan you’ll enjoy the many benefits we have to offer. Advantage Finance is different from other title loan companies. We offer low rates and longer-term loans with installment repayments which include principal and interest. These loans are not interest-only. Also, we offer loans of up to $40,000 and will loan against most any vehicle whether it’s a motorcycle or an eighteen wheeler. You owe it to yourself to talk with us about how we can help, whether it’s a new auto title loan or to help with title loan refinance.

We understand. The recent flooding in Houston has put many people in a short-term bind concerning their finances. If you need fast cash to cover emergency expenses while you wait for the insurance company, you should consider obtaining an auto title loan. We will work with you to ensure you get the cash you need at the best possible terms available today. Remember, with our auto title loans you can keep your vehicle while you make the repayments. We treat our customers like people and have a high approval rate, even if your credit is less than good.

Give Advantage Finance a call today or stop in one of our four Houston locations and talk with one of our professional representatives who can answer all your questions and explain our process. It’s especially important to talk with us if you already have a title loan. There is a very good chance that we can give you better terms than the terms you currently have which will make your payments easier. Call Advantage Finance today at 281-410-5337 and set up an appointment, or simply stop in one of our locations. Call us today. You’ll be glad you did.

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