Using a Title Loan to Get the Jump on College

If you are preparing for college, you are probably wondering how to manage all the costs that involve. A college loan is only one of the financial burdens students face. What you will need to pay out of pocket is of more immediate concern. These are the items and financial obligations that will set you up for your new life away from home.

Fast & Convenient Title Loan

A title loan is a way to gain the quick cash you need to get the jump on college. You provide documentation against your vehicle, and Advantage Finance will provide you with a no-credit-check title loan to help ease the transition into college. Unlike traditional loans, a title loan can be used for any purpose. Your title loan amount is based on the make, model of the year of your vehicle.

College Books

Even if you buy your college books secondhand, it’s a cost you could do without when you are fresh into college and haven’t found a part-time job that works with your course schedule. You can easily budget for your college books with part of what you receive from a title loan.


Like books, the cost of college supplies can sneak up on students and cause untold stress and anxiety. With a title loan, you can get ahead of the game and ensure you have enough money to purchase all the supplies necessary to secure excellent grades, in your first college year.

Rent Money

Landlords around campuses are not exactly crying out for tenants. If you do not have the required deposit and rent money at hand, landlords will happily pass you over for students who do. You can use a title loan to secure the ideal accommodations convenient to the college.


Choosing the classes you want to take is one thing, paying for them is another matter altogether. If you arrive at college and find your finances are wanting, a title loan from Advantage Finance is a solution you can rely on.

Travel Costs

College students may need to travel great distances in their first year, which is why using a title loan as a safeguard is a good idea. Think about all those trips back and forth from home, or additional expenses if you are living a considerable distance from the college. That amounts to a lot of money paid for moving, then parking, public transportation, and gasoline.

Advantage Finance

If you would like to explore more of the benefits of a title loan, call and speak to the experts at Advantage Finance. We will take you through the application process and the documents you need to qualify. We can provide you with the money you need on the very same day, in many cases.

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