Refinancing a Car Title Loan

You might think that all title loan providers are the same. After all, any loan provider can get you cash in exchange for your car title. However, some loan companies set terms that are very difficult to meet, making it easy to default on your loan. At Advantage Finance, we can help. We buy out existing title loans and help customers refinance. When you refinance with us, you will be able to pay off your loan on your own terms so you can use your cash without the worry.

Need a Longer Loan Term?

One of the most common reasons people default on their title loans is because their loan has unrealistic payment terms. Very few people can easily pay off a loan in 30 days. Refinancing can get you a longer payment term. We offer loan terms over 150 days so you will have plenty of time to secure the money you need for repayment.

Struggling With Rates?

Another common reason that people default on their loans is that the payment rates are too high. At Advantage Finance, we set our interest rates and monthly payments based on a variety of factors to make sure that your rates are fair. Refinancing your car title loan can lower your rates to make repayment easier.

Working with Advantage Finance

We want to help you with your title loan, even if your loan is from a different company. If you are struggling with your existing title loan and need to refinance, call or email Advantage Finance today!

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