Playing it Smart with a Car Title Loan

A car title loan may be the smartest move you can make today! Sometimes, life brings things that can only be solved with cold hard cash. If your credit is less than stellar or you have other reasons why you aren’t ready for a traditional bank loan, a car title loan may be just what you need!

What Is A Car Title Loan?

A car title loan is a short term loan using your car title as collateral. You do not need to relinquish your vehicle for a car title loan. Instead, your title is simply held as the guarantee for the loan while you keep driving.

Your title loan is not a credit-based loan, so it can be perfect when you have an unexpected expense with no traditional recourse. Emergencies are so much more difficult when they involve money–and they almost always do. If you’ve got plenty in the bank, you can manage, but if you don’t have a large savings account, it gets tricky.

Of course, a bank loan is generally determined by your credit rating, your income and more. The truth is, we all have financial emergencies, even if we can’t afford them. That’s exactly the time you can play it smart by taking advantage of a car title loan.

What Do I Need For A Car Title Loan?

You do need to bring a few documents to receive a car title loan. While the particulars can vary from place to place, here is what you should have with you to take care of the paperwork.

  • You need to bring the title to your vehicle. You must prove you own the car and that you have no liens against it.
  • Bring your driver’s license, registration, and insurance paperwork. A car title loan does require you are carrying proper insurance.
  • Bring contact details regarding where you live, how you can be reached and where you work.
  • Bring along a utility bill and proof of your residence, just in case. Not everyone requires this but it will save you a trip if they do.

Money problems happen to everyone. Sometimes, going to the bank just isn’t an option. A car title loan is instant and hassle-free. You can get the cash you need right away without the frustration of applying for a bank loan. Come in today and get your car title loan so you can put your money emergency behind you!

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