How to Save Money Using a Title Loan

Although many only look at the negative aspects of a title loan, you can save money and even avoid repossession or eviction from your home, if it’s utilized correctly and for the right reasons. Some may think you are just putting off the inevitable by using a high-interest loan vehicle such as a title loan but refinancing a 30-day title loan or a payday loan will almost always work in your favor if you make your scheduled payments on time.

Take Advantage of a Title Loan From Advantage Finance

When you took out that title loan or payday loan with another company, small print, and incomprehensible terms may have led you to believe you had longer to repay. Say you find out you have less than a week to pay off your loan or lose your family vehicle. Or, you could be facing eviction from your family home. Maybe the holidays are here, but the electric company is threatening a power shut off. What can you do?

These situations are all too familiar for many people who have been out of work for any length of time. Now, you may have a steady check coming in, and you need to get out from under the recurring cycle of debt from a payday or 30-day loans that are sapping your family’s living expenses.

Refinancing might be your opportunity to take advantage of a title loan from Advantage Finance. It could get you out from under a fast-approaching repossession. Although our interest rates are higher than traditional banking establishments, like credit unions and savings and loans – which you likely don’t qualify for – we offer longer repayment schedules than most payday and title loan companies. That is how you can save money with us by extending your repayment schedule and avoiding inconvenient repossessions or evictions before the holidays.

How Can I Refinance a Payday Loan or 30-Day Title Loan?

When you apply for and receive a refinanced title loan with us, you could start saving immediately. However, it is, in most cases, easier to contact customer service and speak to one of our representatives about the specifics of your existing loan. Quite frequently, we can establish the value of your vehicle while you’re on the phone, let you know how much cash you can get right away and how much you will save over the repayment period.

Refinancing can also save you the stress of wondering when they will repossess your family vehicle or evict you from your home. With the holidays approaching, the last thing you want to deal with is a repossession, eviction or power shut off. Plus, having a little extra pocket money for gifts wouldn’t hurt.

Advantage Finance, LLC: We Are the Best Option in Houston

Call Advantage Finance, (281) 410-5337 to speak with one of our customer service representatives about your situation. Please have your vehicle’s information ready. This will assist us in giving you the details about refinancing or in completing the first-time application. Chances are, we can give you a quote right over the phone. You can always use our contact information, 24/7, and begin an application. Our representatives will give you a call when we have worked the figures, can tell you how much your vehicle qualifies you for and the repayment details of your title loan.


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