How To Guarantee Loan Approval With Bad Credit Score?

The United States of America is the biggest hub of opportunities. Anyone who has the will and courage can come here, work their best and become something unique. However, with diverse opportunities, there is also a never-ending struggle that may result in the use of bad credit loans. There are some ways you can get bad credit loans that have guaranteed approval.

Many residents of the US end up taking bad credit loans so that they pay their bills. There are various types of loans available that includes payday loans, no credit check loans, emergency loans, loans for bad credit, installment loans etc.

Interest Rate Types for Bad Credit Loans

Less interest rates do not always mean that the loan has good terms and conditions. Usually, people who opt for bad credit loans seek guaranteed approval on loans with low-interest rates. Be cautious every time.

There is also a possibility of loans that have mix interest rates. Always make sure to know whether the loan has a fixed rate of interest or on a declining balance basis.

Loans having a fixed rate of interest are usually offered at a much cheap interest rate. But this does not always mean less payment in the overall amount.

Assessment of All-In Cost – Bad Credit Loans

Here are some of the other expenses related to bad credit score loan takers:

Processing Fee

Many times, the loan providers add on an amount equivalent to 1 – 2 percent of the total sum loan. The processing fee is added on to the overall cost of the loan. The less they charge for processing, the more advantageous it is.

The Prepayment Fee

The loan taker may be able to repay a bad credit loan. However, you might be restricted from prepaying your loan. Why? Well, prepayment is a strong cost as it can decrease your total interest amount.

You should opt for those prepayment penalty fees that are less when summing up the all-in cost. But what is the reason of the prepayment penalty? Well, because lenders influence the borrowers to pay full interest cost instead of one chunk.

The Late Payment Fee

Mainly, the late payment fees is taken if you are behind your monthly payments.

Loan Types for A Bad Credit Score Individual

Here are some options:

Payday Loans
This type of loan is different; a payday loan is unsecured. It is repaid on the borrower’s payday rather than in fixed installments. The amount of this kind of loan is usually hundreds of dollars or maybe less. Payday loans on some online solutions may offer instant approval without a credit check.

Cosigned Loans – A Great Solution
Share your commitment with a guarantor. In a cosigned loan, there is a third party – guarantor involved that guarantees. In case you have poor credit or have none, the lender may need to have a cosigner accept and repay the debt back if you don’t.

A cosigner is more of an insurance for the lender. A trusted consignee may increase your chances of approval of loan approval if you have a bad credit score.

The bad credit loan taker can qualify for more funds on reasonable conditions. However, stay cautious while thinking about this kind of loan and always remember that monetary risk may put your relationship with the consignee under hot water.


You must be sure of every technical detail while getting on loan if you have a bad credit score. There is more than one type of loan available in your situation. Contact us at Advantage Finance LLC to know more. Visit us or call 281 410 5337

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