Does My Car Have to Be Paid Off to Qualify for an Online Title Loan?

The answer to the question, “Does my car have to be paid off to qualify for an online title loan?” is not a simple yes or no. There are conditions under which you could qualify. The best option is to call customer service, (281) 410-5337, and ask if there is anything they can do. Have the details, title and lien of your vehicle available so one of our representatives can get you an answer right away. Our customer service representatives are easy to talk to and willing to help.

Be advised, we are registered by the Secretary of State in Texas and the Office of the CCC (Consumer Credit Commissioner) and bound by the laws governing third-party lending.

Need to Refinance an Online Title Loan?

If you have a 30-day title loan from one of our competitors, we can offer to refinance your loan for an extended period, 150 days or more, with a lower repayment schedule. We can help you pay off that 30-day loan and get you refinanced with extra cash for the holidays. Particularly during the holidays, it is easy to come up short financially. We understand how difficult it can be to juggle bills, gifts and family visits this time of year.

We know that all too often 30 days is just not enough time to pay back a loan. Sometimes, the money you thought would be available within 30 days wasn’t there for one reason or another. Maybe you were facing a mortgage payment or sizeable electric bill after a brief lay off, and the choice came down to pay or lose the house or electric.

Many times, when people are facing a tough situation, they take what, on the surface, looked like an easy way out and chose a 30-day signature, title loan or payday loan. In most cases, repaying these loans just lead the family into a cycle of borrow and repay, borrow and repay.

This cycle can be difficult to escape without a prolonged repayment plan. Our online title loan can help you with a longer repayment period, lower monthly payments and often extra cash in your pocket. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra cash for the holidays?

An Affordable Online Title Loan

At Advantage Finance, our longer repayment schedules make it far easier to repay an online title loan. If you have a car, truck or van, or even an 18-wheeler, with a recurring source of income, we can get you the cash you need through an affordable online title loan, in just a few minutes.

Our low rates on loans up to $40,000 are much easier to repay because we consider your overall financial situation when deciding your repayment schedule. Let us help you get the cash you need in your pocket, sometimes within just a few minutes.

Contact the Friendly Lender, Advantage Finance, LLC, for an Online Title Loan

Call Advantage Finance, LLC, at (281) 410-5337, today. Our friendly customer service reps will take your application for an online title loan and give you a call to let you know how much you can get and how soon you can get it. Use the quick contact form and apply.

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