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How Interest Rates are Determined on a Houston Top Title Loan

January 25, 2019

According to a Pew’s Charitable Trusts survey of title loan receivers, borrowers care little about the interest rate. They know title loans are short-term loans, and most need money quickly to meet financial requirements. Therefore, the interest rate is not as crucial as a 30-year mortgage. They are more concerned with how soon they can … Continue reading “How Interest Rates are Determined on a Houston Top Title Loan”

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Prepare for the Holidays With a Houston Top Title Loan

October 23, 2018 It seems like we start every year with good intentions of saving for the holidays, only to find ourselves in November wondering how we are going to get decorations, gifts, and food. Well, this year is going to be different, even though your New Year’s resolution from last year to save for the holidays fell … Continue reading "Prepare for the Holidays With a Houston Top Title Loan" 1310 Views Learn more

How to Get a Houston Top Title Loan

July 23, 2018

Getting a Houston top title loan is more straightforward than most people think; they’re quicker, also. Traditional banks, credit unions, and savings and loans offer personal loans. Unlike these traditional sources, title loans do not consider creditworthiness and debt-to-earnings ratios. Plus, with a Houston top title loan, you have more repayment flexibility than payday loans … Continue reading “How to Get a Houston Top Title Loan”

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