Can I Get Car Title Loan With Bad Credit? 

Bad credit still can get you quick cash if you apply for car title loans. This may be your safest and easiest option if you own a car.

Many people applying for online car title loans online will not find it hard to get approval with bad credit. When trying to apply for an installment loan from their bank, most consumers fail to get one due to poor credit history. And this is where title loans stand one step ahead of personal loans.

The majority of applicants have this fear that they need a good credit history to get a car or motorcycle title loan, but this is not the case with your Houston title loan provider – Advantage Finance LLC.

What we need to give you fast cash at times of need is the ownership of pink slip and history of employment. Showing your vehicle to the title loan lender gives them the surety that collateral is present. And they can repossess the car to adjust the failed payments.

Car repossession is not an ideal situation for you or the lender. Therefore, they will try to make up a repayment plan.

Getting Car Title Loans with Bad Credit – Things to Consider

Most of the time, when the applicant has bad credit, it’s hard to get approval for an installment or personal loan. Even if your bank approves the loans, it’ll take several days to weeks to submit the required paperwork. If you’re offered an unsecured loan, it can have a very high-interest rate, even more than that of original arrears. The case is no different for ones applying for cash advances or payday loans.

If your credit history isn’t good, try other methods of borrowing money, such as bank loans with low interest or credit card cash advance. These are the best suitable methods, but it’s not easy to get approval for such loans.

Bad credit still can get you quick cash if you apply for a car title loan with us. This may be your safest and easiest option if you own a car.

How to Get the Best Deal Out of Auto Title Loan?

When looking for title loans, you may need to contact multiple companies and fill the online forms. When filling the applications, call the companies and talk to the lending representatives. Talking to the reps will save you a lot of time as you now only need to fill in the necessary details and skip the unnecessary parts.

When you apply for a mortgage, you tend to take quotes from multiple lenders to find the best deal. And this is exactly what you should do with auto title loan companies. Call at least 3-4 title loan lending companies and get a clear explanation of what you’ll get. It’s a fact that this process will require more time but will help you get a valuable deal.


We aim to simplify the car title loan process and put the least focus on the credit history. You can apply for the loan by visiting us in person, giving a call at 281-410-5337, or simply filling this online form.

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