Can I Get A Title Loan Without Vehicle Registration?

If you are dealing with an unexpected financial emergency, car title loans can be lifesavers. They help borrowers who need access to quick cash by keeping the vehicle title as collateral. But can you get a title loan if the car is not registered? Continue reading to learn.

Difference Between Car Title and Car Registration

Before we proceed, let us discuss what differentiates car registration from a car title. These two terms are not synonymous, with one being the prerequisite for the other but not the other way around.

The vehicle title shows proof of the ownership of the vehicle in question. On the other hand, vehicle registration indicates that the vehicle is registered with the state and that it is cleared for use on the road.

A car title requires renewal if there is a change in the ownership, but registration renewal depends on the individual state’s laws.

What is a Car Registration?

A car registration is a formal validation that the car can be driven on public roads. It also ties the vehicle to the owner and the state it is registered with. Each state mandates that motor vehicles should be registered with the relevant government bodies. After that, a vehicle registration certificate is issued.

Apart from identifying the legal owner of the car, vehicle registration consists of information regarding the vehicle, including the VIN, the owner’s residency, the license plate number of the vehicle, the registration number, and the expiration date, as well as the make and model.

The vehicle registration certificate is important as it attests that the state has cleared the vehicle for use. It is against the law to drive an unregistered vehicle. You will have sticker tags on your windshield and license plate that signify that your vehicle has an active registration.

If you are purchasing a used car from a private party, you will have to legally gain ownership of the vehicle and transfer the title before registering it by yourself with the local DMV. To do so, you will need the title in your name, proof of insurance, pass an emission or smog test and a vehicle safety inspection.

Is it Possible to Get a Car Title Loan Without Registration?

It is important to obtain a car title in your name. Title jumping, which is the illegal practice of keeping a title in your name after selling a car, can lead to serious consequences.
Some lenders may allow a title loan if the registration is expired, but not all. Even if they do handle registration renewal for you, the fees will likely be added to your loan amount, increasing the overall cost.

You may have access to a portion of your car’s equity if you opt for title loans without registration. You will need proof of address, vehicle title in your name, recent pictures of your car, proof of income, ID, and more in order to get a title loan without car registration. It is also possible that you may not be eligible for a title loan without registration!

Final Takeaway

You can consult your title loan company to determine if you can receive a title loan without registration.

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