Can I Get a Title Loan if I am Unemployed?

If you are going through a financially stressful time, you can look into a car title loan with a credible company to receive fast cash. This is because, with unemployment, traditional lenders might take more time to approve you if they ever approve you without a job. Many people ask: Can I get a title loan if I am unemployed? Read this blog to learn more.

Title Loan without a Job

It might be easier for you to get approved for a title loan if you own a car and have proof of ownership. And yes, you can get approved for a title loan even if you are unemployed or without proof of income. The primary requirement is your title, which proves that you own your car. Your vehicle will serve as its own collateral, and the best part? You will be able to get your loan within a matter of hours in most cases.

You will not have to wait days for the loan process to complete as compared to a bank loan.

Requirements to Receive a Title Loan if You Are Unemployed

There are some requirements you will have to meet to qualify for a title loan. Here are some factors they look for:

  1. You must be 18 years or older.
  2. You must provide them with a copy of your valid government-issued I.D.
  3. The vehicle must have no liens.
  4. You must possess the original title of the vehicle.
  5. You must own the vehicle outright.

You can talk to the company and see what their requirements are. Usually, they do not require you to have a job or proof of income. A title loan is a good option for those who do not have a job and are struggling to make ends meet.

Additional Options

In some cases, the lending party requires you to find a cosigner. They might want to make sure they will receive the money back with minimal effort in case you lack income or appropriate means of repayment.

In short, they will want someone to put their name on the loan with you. It is not common, but some companies might ask for a cosigner, which requires the name, credit, and financial situation of another person. Keep in mind that if you fail to repay the loan, the other person will have to assume the responsibility.

Final Word

When you are in a jam that requires you to have fast cash, title loans are a great choice. Yes, you can get a title loan when you do not have a job if you meet the requirements. You can even get started for title loan online and the process takes only a few hours, as compared to the traditional lenders.

If you own your car and have proof of ownership, you can get some financial help from title loan companies. At Advantage Finance LLC, we strive to provide our clients with solutions and help in their times of financial trouble. You can get in touch with us today at (281) 410-5337.

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