5 Reasons to Get a Title Loan Buyout

When the holidays are over, and payments are coming due, there are five rationales for a title loan buyout. These are: to avoid repossession, to get a more favorable repayment schedule, interest rate, better customer service and possibly cash back.

Number 1 Reason for a Title Loan Buyout – To Avoid Repossession

This is by far the most rational reason to get a title loan buyout. If you lose the family car, you will have to rely on public transportation or friends and relatives to get you back and forth to work. Living in a large city like Houston might make it a little easier to get around, but it is still inconvenient.

A repo could affect your ability to get another vehicle. You can likely save enough to buy a second-hand or “pre-loved” vehicle as used car dealers are prone to call those but purchasing a new auto will be next to impossible after a vehicle reclamation by the bank or other lenders.

It is plausible to find another title loan company who will give you a more favorable repayment schedule with a title loan buyout.

Reason Number 2 – Favorable Repayment Schedule

We understand the stress a 30-day repayment plan can bring to any family’s budget. Whether you used a title loan, payday loan or post-dated check, 30 days is just too small a period to secure the finances necessary to repay most loans, and a title loan buyout might be the best possible solution.

Some payday loans might not even give you 30 days, but instead, your loan might be due in two weeks or less. This rapid repayment causes many families to enter into a cycle of financial ruin. Call Advantage Finance today. Let us work out a title loan buyout that will better fit your budget with possibly a more favorable interest rate.

Reason Number 3 – Favorable Interest Rate

Many times, people do not consider the interest rate when taking out a title loan. Although almost every title loan’s interest rate is higher than traditional banks, there are differences, and those differences can be substantial.

Nearly everyone that considers a title loan cannot qualify for a traditional bank loan, and therefore have to turn to a title loan to keep their home from being reclaimed by a mortgage company or the electricity turned off for nonpayment. A title loan buyout might give you a better interest rate and possibly cash out to assist with any emergencies.

Reason Number 4 – Possible Cash Out

Getting cash back after a title loan buyout could be crucial to your family’s budget, particularly after the holidays. All those lights looked impressive, but now the electric bill is due, and the cost was not impressive, it was painful.

When calling your present finance company for a title loan buyout resulted in nothing more than put-offs and promises of callbacks from customer service, you might need a new provider.

Reason Number 5 for a Title Loan Buyout – Unfavorable Customer Service

This is probably the least compelling reason to obtain a title loan buyout. However, if everything else is equal, why put up with poor customer service? When you repeatedly call about a title loan buyout or refinancing with your present finance company, only to get placed on hold and forgotten, it might be time to consider assistance from a company that cares.

Contact the Considerate Lenders at Advantage Finance, LLC

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We can look over your application and quote you a title loan buyout that might put more cash in your pocket when you use the contact form to apply for a buyout or refinancing.

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